YouTube Video about Making an Introductory Video Sequence

There is a method you can use to make an introductory sequence to a video that you are creating. This method allows you to have a series of images that you can arrange in 3D space and arrange them in the time sequence of how they and their asscociated topics arrive or show up in your video.

Because these images are aligned in 3D space (using a 3D drawing program), then you can “fly around” and “zoom in and zoom out”on these images. This 3d motion feature allows you to show the entire collection of images via a big zoom out if you want, so that your audience can “see” your entire lecture. And also, since you can also zoom in, you can feature or highlight sets of images or just one image.

I think this is just a neat way to let your audience find out what your video presentation will be all about.

The 3D program I used to achieve this result is Sketchup Pro 2022 and the drawing file that Sketchup is “looking at” as you create this introductory video sequence is one of the .skp file types that are the file types of Sketchup.

I also demonstrated how you can look around at your images as they are contained in the Sketchup Pro 2022 drawing file, but these images need to be less than 20mb or Sketchup will begin to bog down.

I showed how, if you wanted more detail in an image that you are highlighting for discussion, that you can switch out to have the program looking at or displaying information from a much larger image file (of higher resolution).

I think this technique is complex enough that I can’t explain it with words, so I suggest that you watch the YouTube video that I made about this. I created this YouTube video via Camtasia.

I think you might want to have some of these files on your own computer so that you can try this technique with your own computer. I should note that if you want to exactly duplicate what I am showing in my explanatory YouTube video, you will need Sketchup Pro 2022 and Camtasia.

I have placed on this page downloadable versions of my Sketchup Pro 2022 drawing file that I discuss in the YouTube video. I have also placed a large png image that you can download so that you can see and try to move back and forth between the 3D program and a 2D program that can display png images.

Here’s the YouTube that I uploaded to my YouTube account about this technique:

The Sketchup Pro 2022 drawing file is 266mb and the png image is 324mb.

Download Sketchup Pro 2022 drawing file 266mb .skp file: 03 Combination of Multiple Slides adding v87 this is v102 (7 downloads)
Download png image file 324mb: Just One Drone Plus Drones For TRANSITION To LEVEL Flying (6 downloads)