Free Downloads KeyShot Package files about Pistonrobot

Sigh…editor’s note: I upgraded the KeyShot program and how it works. This changes the KeyShot package files that I reference throughout this website and I am working to get all the links straightened out. So if you see a KeyShot package file that you really want, be patient, I am working on it. I need to find them first, then upload the upgraded ksp file, then get all the links straight. pg

editor’s second note: You will notice that the pistonrobots here do not have arms. The original work to establish that this robot could actually exist as a real object included manipulation of a lot of parts. The arms were left off to make the drawing work easier. I did finally take a year off and I created shoulders and arms (right and left) for the robot, and they too can actually exist as real objects. Adding these arms to these drawings to allow creation of mp4 videos is a lot of work. I will get to it, but just note that right now the robots walking around in videos do not have arms, but the arms are there to be added. What really needs to be done is to send the full robot over to Autodesk Maya and rig the entire robot. Then it could be moved around with a unbelievable decrease in drawing work. But I am not totally familiar with Maya, so I have not done this rigging yet, it is (of course) also on the timeline.

Sharpened Small Size Cropped By Corel 110 Samples Robot Waving In The Trees V5 35

Here’s the KeyShot v8 package file for the Robot Waving

27mb sp-110 KeyShot v8 package file Robot in the trees waving right arm from Sketchup v26 Robot standing waving right arm v8_bip.ksp

I also used rendering techniques to create a Claymation style video showing the robot arm doing internal and external rotation at the level of the shoulder. Here’s that video:

You can download this video if you want.

14 mb Download mp4 Internal and External Rotation arm (57 downloads)

Here’s the KeyShot v8 package file that I used to render the images that I stitched together to make this video:

33mb sp-111 KeyShot v8 package file Shoulder Int-Ext rotation video colors correct v9 int-ext rotation v23_bip.ksp

I also used this video as a take off point to show via a set of minutely detailed videos (each video is kept to be about 5 min long, so there’s a set of videos). These minutely detailed videos will show how I used Claymation type techniques to stitch together rendered images to make a video. I haven’t completed all the videos yet. I decided I would put in these videos again a very minutely detailed description of how the sensory system of the robot will work. I did take all these little 5min mp4 videos and I also uploaded them to my YouTube channel. Here’s the webpage where I added this discussion: Pistonrobot webpage with Instructional Videos about robot arm rotation

Hope springs eternal…. pg

I discuss the topic of the Pistonrobot videos and the topic of KeyShot Package files in more detail in another page at the website, if you want to read this page, then its link is:

Design Considerations for the Power Source of the Pistonrobot

KeyShot Package files are special compressed data-image files that are created by the program KeyShot.

This “Create Package File” option is most often used to allow various users of KeyShot to open and work with a copies of KeyShot projects that were created by other users of KeyShot.

For example, suppose that KeyShot user#1 is communicating with KeyShot user#2, and KeyShot user#1 wishes that KeyShot user#2 could be able “see and work with” user#1’s KeyShot project named: Crystal Lens Project

User#1 requests KeyShot to make a Package File of the “Crystal Lens Project”.  User#1 can choose what name is given to the ksp file, and chooses: Crystal Lens Project.ksp.

User#1 could then send the file: Crystal Lens Project.ksp to user#2 .

User#2 could open his own copy of KeyShot and ask that KeyShot copy to open the file: Crystal Lens Project.ksp

User#2 will then be viewing the Crystal Lens Project in the same form that it had when user#1 created “The Crystal Lens.ksp” file.

Note: These *.ksp files are a KeyShot file type, and one needs KeyShot in order to open *.ksp files.

For those of you who have KeyShot and you want to see how the Pistonrobot videos were put together, at least for the portion where individual images of the robot were rendered, then you can download these ksp files.

Also, my robot related *.ksp files contain all that is needed to work with my robot images in KeyShot, and the result is that my robot related *.ksp files are fairly large (in the range of 100-250 mb), so if you choose to download them, you need to be patient enough for the whole file to download.

If you want to try this KeyShot Package file activity just to see how it works, without needing to wait through a long download, then I recommend download this file:  2mb sp-107 KeyShot v8 package file Floor only from v31_bip.ksp

The imagery of this Floor related ksp file is not very complex, which means that the ksp file is not very large (about 1.3 mb), so it should be a quick download.

Of note, I plan to put in the Free Downloads – Images area, higher resolution versions of the thumbnails below that show these KeyShot files

optimized for website Oak Floor added from v471 Sketchup 22 Robots v5.24

I created the floor above as a sort of technical floor to demonstrate robot walking and to show how the stances and strides look with reference to a floor with rectangles. I created below a more beautiful floor that is more like a runway effect to show off woodgrain and highlight the robot legs and feet.