Free Downloads – Large Filesize versions of Selected Images

Some of the images of Pistonrobot are a lot more fun to look at in their original large size form.

I have selected some images and placed them in this folder area. These are large size and are png type images. The best way to view these png image files is to first download them to your computer. Then the second step is to direct your computer’s graphics program to open the png file that is present on your computer (the point here is to not have your computer trying to open these files as they exist on the Pistonrobot website because these png files are so large that it could take a long time to open them unless your internet connection is very fast).

Next to each of these png files, I did also place a smaller jpg version of the image. It is my feeling that most browsers will be able to open these smaller images in a reasonable amount of time so that one can see  what the large filesize image files will look like.

Anyway, collections of these image files are listed below as links, one just clicks on the link and requests to download.

Free Downloads Large File Size Images Related to the Robot

large filesize images related to the Turning Prayer