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Whimsy Bling a PopSocket available from



Here’s a video about how we made the image Whimsy Bling

Download the Video about How We Made the Image Whimsy Bling mp4 322mb (588 downloads)






Here is Part 01 of a set of instructional videos detailing how I made the video below showing internal-external rotation of the robot arm. Each video is about 5 minutes long, there’s a bunch of them, and they are all also on YouTube. The first two of these instructional videos are on this page.

Here’s the page that has all of these instructional videos. It will take a little while for me to get them all at this page. You can also download these videos from this page.

Making a video of Robot Arm Rotation Part 01




Thumbnail 02-Second-Video-Instructional


Making a video of Robot Arm Rotation Part 02





rendered via KeyShot v7 25 samples thumbnail image colors correct v9 int-ext rotation v22.60


Video Showing internal and external rotation of the arm

14 mb Download mp4 Internal and External Rotation arm (1055 downloads)




One robot with arms and legs on floor v379


Follows is a little mp4 video showing views of the robot’s new shoulders. The arms are held behind the back so the shoulders are easier to look at.



shoulder v1 rendered by Maya


Video viewing the robot shoulders




Video of the Engine of the Heart of the Pistonrobot

Pistonrobot Slideshow set of Images (duration 10 min, size 44 mb)

Pistonrobot Walking KeyShot Walkabout One Lap


Thumbnail MP4-Faster-Walking-Sequence-Using-Set-01-through-Set-09-v2


107 mb Little Robot Walking Sequence




Thumbnail MP4-Walking-Sequence-Using-Set-01-through-Set-09-v2


30 mb Little Robot Walking Sequence




Thumbnail Sets-01-14-v1-using-camtasia


44 mb Walking sequence shows some slo-mo and close-ups

Download Pistonrobot walking 44mb mp4 (2085 downloads)