Non-Pistonrobot Videos

Note: concerning videos, the website will display them, all you have to do is click on the “go” button, and I think you can actually download from the website a copy of the video to your own computer. It seems to me that the website wants to send a good amount of the video to you before it starts playing…. translation…. slow.

So, when my time permits, I try to send all my videos to YouTube because YouTube does a really great job of making the videos generally viewable and viewable in a manner where there aren’t so many pauses. I try to mention at the website all the videos that I have sent to YouTube. My YouTube name is: Patrick Gray, I think if you just type my name into the YouTube search bar, then YouTube will list all my videos.


I had a lot of fun with the Holiday gift of the Turning Prayer. The topic does involve principles related to 3D printing and micro 3D printing, including combined media printing and micro-assembly. Anyway, while the Turning Prayer is pretty clear to me, again, I got a little nervous that people might not really understand what it is exactly, so I created a set of videos that describe (at least my suggestions) of how to create and put together the Turning Prayer jewelry item.

Turning Prayer Videos