Well, there was a discussion on the Merch by Amazon forum about setting up  “storefronts” for the Merch by Amazon TShirt creators. This is, of course, completely feasible with no real permission requirements providing the TShirt creator pays for, creates, maintains, and runs a website that is designed to appear as a storefront. I think what the Merch by Amazon creators were really implying was that their discussion point and request was that this idea of a set of “virtual storefronts” where each “storefront” for a Merch by Amazon creator would be dedicated to only the TShirt works of that Merch by Amazon creator, and…..

Most important of all, these “storefronts” would be a service provided by Amazon at no cost to the Merch by Amazon creator.

Of course I am in favor of this, but, wow….. that’s a lot of free virtual “storefronts” for Amazon to create, and who would have the final say on how the “storefront” would look, anyway?  Who would say how or when edits would be made to the look or features or contents of these “storefronts”? It’s just hard to realistically analyze this concept and not conclude that there is no way Amazon could do this without endless arguments, headaches, disagreements and escalating costs. I don’t see it.

I added a thought that one idea would be for Amazon to just make only one virtual “TShirt Storefront” and Amazon would put only TShirts from the Merch by Amazon crowd in this “storefront” and Amazon would be meticulous to be sure every Merch by Amazon creator would be represented by his or her products in this storefront.

But I got to thinkin’ about it….and, Hey,  Here’s a proposal…..

Let’s us all the Merch by Amazon crowd gather together in big virtual crowd, and I wish to conduct you on a tour of:

Some thoughts… why would Amazon only want a virtual presence for TShirts only? And is it really true that this virtual place of surroundings around a product for sale just be one giant virtual TShirt emporium? Why do just that?

OK, let’s let Amazon make a virtual mall, with all sorts of storefronts in this mall. Inside these stores, if one chose to go in, would be the products of And trinkets would be scattered about the aisles and displays of these various stores, including Merch by Amazon TShirts.  We’ll let this virtual mall, of course, have a TShirt store, and inside this store almost all the display space would be for TShirts. But since we got permission to put some TShirts (as trinkets) around in the other virtual stores of this virtual mall, then its only fair that Amazon would put some other Amazon products just scattered around (as trinkets) in the TShirt store. No problems with that.

I’m thinking that Amazon could create a virtual world here, or at least a virtual city. And, of course, we’ve got to get around in this virtual city….Hmmmmmm

Ok, Amazon would supply to each visitor as they signed in to a “speeder bike.” (editor’s note: images of this speeder bike to follow). All of this is virtual (it’s going to work like the Microsoft Flight Simulator) but it just adds writing complexity to keep sketching out with words how this is a virtual world with virtual computer synthesized experiences, so I’m gonna’ just write from here on like I was actually at the actual place called Amazonburgh. Let’s explore how all this would be…

What’s available at Amazonburgh? Everybody get on your speeder bike and keep me in sight and we’ll look around. There’s buildings with storefront names so one knows what is contained in the store, and the doors are wide enough to let in a speeder bike, (one at a time, of course). Inside are displayed the products of Amazon, each product sitting on a pedestal. There’s enough space around the pedestals so one can circle around them on their speeder bike to investigate the product. Can everyone crowd around that one pedestal with that hot new product on it all at once??? Well of course not. You need to wait your turn to ease your speeder bike through the crowd and get your chance to look at that thing. No Shoving…No Bumping…!

More to follow…..  pg