Free Downloads – Autodesk Maya 2018 project files

Here’s a Maya file about the Ventilator

There’s a YouTube video about this Ventilator, its at my YouTube channel. My YouTube Channel is named: Patrick Gray. Here’s the Ventilator Video

Here’s an Autodesk Maya File about Ms Whimsy Bling herself…….

Whimsy Bling a PopSocket available from

Download the Whimsy Bling Maya file 1mb (145 downloads)

110 Samples From Sketchup V229 Red Door Side Of The Church V13.133

Here’s an Autodesk Maya file about the Forest Church

Download 221mb This is a Maya Drawing File named: from Sketchup v312 Forest Church as Maya v3 (107 downloads)

Here’s some Autodesk Maya Files about the Pistonrobot

Maya will render a scene with its hardware or with its software. I can’t decide which renderer I like best yet, so I added the scene rendered both ways.

This is a Maya file about just showing the parts of the robot that allow internal and external rotation of the upper arm at the level of the shoulder, its the left shoulder and arm.

Download 9mb This is an Autodesk Maya Drawing file named: full int midpoint and full external rotation Arm rotation parts only v7 (65 downloads)
Cropped 60 Samples Jewelry Lighting Robot Arms And Legs Full Adduc Full +mid Int All Flex Ext V7.8
Download 170mb This is an Autodesk Maya Drawing file named: One robot arms and legs full adduc full +mid int all flex-ext v418 (95 downloads)

Maya 2018 hardware render from sketchup v451

Download 257mb This is an Autodesk Maya Drawing file named: from Sketchup Robot Arms and Legs midpoint adductions series v451 (97 downloads)

from v28 only parts for int-ext rotation v58

Download 62mb This is an Autodesk Maya Drawing file named: imported from Sketchup v58 robot shoulder v1 (86 downloads)
shoulder v1 rendered by Maya

Download 28mb This is an Autodesk Maya Drawing file named: Pistonrobot Shoulder import from Sketchup v1 (86 downloads)