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PG Pic for 3D Warehouse shrunk 10 per cent v3


Welcome to the Pistonrobot website. The website is mostly here to discuss the Pistonrobot so that people will know about it and perhaps to persuade a group or corporation to create the Pistonrobot.

I also discuss other topics of interest to me at this website and these topics really don’t have much to do with the Pistonrobot or robotics, but they are topics that I think are interesting. These topics are arranged in their own section.

HERE’S Where the topics are NOT about Robots

I sometimes create images via Sketchup and/or via renderings of Sketchup outputs. These images are scattered around the website. I will also from time to time put a few of these images here on the home page, mostly because I feel they are just cool to look at. Some are related to the Pistonrobot and some are about other topics.

I feel the images are always better to view in their large format. I create them as large size images, but one cannot just place large filesize images on a website because websites will bog down and frequently stop functioning as they try to open images bigger than about 3 mb.  These images are created by rendering Sketchup 2018 Pro drawing files. I use KeyShot v7 to render these drawing files. I think there is interest in people working with their own version of KeyShot to see how they can create Pistonrobot images. KeyShot can do its rendering by using a KeyShot package file. I offer some of my KeyShot package files for free download

at this page of the website: https://pistonrobot.com/free-downloads-keyshot-package-files-other-topics/

I finally figured out a way around the problem of how one could offer people large file size images so they could download them and then look at them.  I discuss this in more detail including some large filesize images free for download on this page of the website: Pistonrobot webpage about large file size images

Now that I’ve figured out how I can offer large file size images for download, I hope to just keep adding more. My plan is to add them at that page I showed above. Enjoy !

Here’s one of those larger images that you can download (note I’m showing here the 3mb version so it won’t bog down your viewing of this page, the large size version of this image is 31mb).

optimized for website view from the front 30 min render Oak Floor added from v471 Sketchup 22 Robots v5.44

Again, welcome, I’m glad you’re here and have a good time and come back again anytime.  pg

Note: I also have a LinkedIn listing under my name: Patrick Gray

Note: I try to keep my most recent SketchUp drawings at my collection on the 3D Warehouse site maintained by Trimble for SketchUP drawings.

link: SketchUP 3D Warehouse drawings
link address https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/

Once you get to the 3D Warehouse,  in order for you to see my SketchUp drawings at the Warehouse, you will need to ask the Warehouse to search for my collection. The name of my collection at the 3D Warehouse is: pistonrobot

Robot showing engine in thorax colors adjusted v4.144
Robot showing engine in thorax colors adjusted v4.145


Little Robot doing a deep knee bend using just one leg. Rendering via KeyShot. Robot-7A-Deep-Knee-Bend-v1.7-copy.jpg

I’ve added some new images in the Turning Prayer section. I just thought they looked really cool, so I added them. They will go onto a TShirt at some point, I am still figuring out how to do this.

Pistonrobot Deep Knee Bend T Shirt is available via Amazon


Pistonrobot Don’t Worry We’re on it T Shirt is available via Amazon


Here’s the front image of our next tshirt:

The T Shirt named: When You Look – Front Image

The T Shirt named: When You Look at Amazon

Here’s another of the Turning Prayer TShirts:

Turning Prayer Sequence number 01TNavy Front

Here’s the link to go to this TShirt on Amazon

T Shirts as a Story

Stance 12 with mirror v628 resized for website v1

Combustion Chamber Cap plus Engine All parts v444 v27

I wanted to show how the fuel injectors would heat up the air in the combustion chamber. So I just worked around to see if I could make anything that looks like 3D flames. Anyway, this is the engine that I am designing to be the power supply of the robot. I plan a YouTube lecture on it, the video name will be: Pistonrobot the Engine of the Heart

Engine All Parts v445

Here’s the actual Sketchup Pro 2017 drawing file for this new engine:

This is a Sketchup Pro 2017 drawing file named: Engine All Parts v445.skp


But I’m not quite ready to start creating the video, I thought the flames were cool, so I sent them up to the warehouse

and (as usual) this is a 3D drawing that has a lot more to show if you will download it from the Trimble 3D Warehouse site and open it on your own computer.

Engine and Bigger Thorax Robot v11


as it happens, the Little Guy needed to “bulk up” some in order to get that engine in his chest. Isn’t that always the case…..

I thought he looked pretty much OK with the big chest, if Pistonrobot is ever actually created, it will probably be the military that does it anyway…..

and they all look like that.

Amazon’s gonna’ let me sell Pistonrobot T’s via their merchandise site. I’ll see if I can get the Big Guy on a T. I don’t know yet, this stuff gets complicated really fast.  More to come.


thorax v102 sketchup file tilted to right with hair and eyes v1-62 Thorax back view full right tilt both feet on ground balanced v100-58 Thorax v97 all tilts front view-53-56



Welcome to all. We will describe on this site a bipedal walking robot and show the design and programming elements needed so that this walking robot could actually be constructed and can be made to walk. It’s gonna’ be fun, you just watch. The purpose of this site is to make it clear that such a robot could be built and that it will function just as it is described. We note that as of yet, the robot does not exist. Some of the important design features of the robot derive from the specifications listed above. We will have the robot to exist in a physical form that is very similar to the human. Since this robot will be a demonstrator that a robot can be created that exhibits the same type of balanced, graceful, fluid, and energy efficient motion as does a human, then we want to quickly stop the assertion that such a structure cannot be made and will not work. Shaping a robot so that it has a human form is ideal to meet this requirement for fundamental feasibility because one can contemplate the human form anytime one wants to, and one can see its form and motion. It makes no sense to look at the human in motion, and then assert that such a physical shape and form of motion is not possible. Of course it is possible, there it is right in front of you.

Updates about my work with Pistonrobot are listed at the page below:

Listing of Pistonrobot updates