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Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Pistonrobot Website

DISCLAIMER: We remind you, physically real versions of a design could be dangerous, so we advise strongly, don’t create a physically real version of any of my designs if you cannot control them in a manner that is both legal and proper.

This website features designs about the Pistonrobot and also designs about other topics.

The concept of the Pistonrobot was to explore a robot design where the robot is structured to mimic a human being both in its physical proportions and in the ways in which it can move.

We think the motion of hydraulic cylinders (their proper name, but they are referred to by most people as pistons), is much more like the motion of human muscles as compared to the movements that are caused by rotary encoder type motion sources.

We placed hydraulic cylinders (pistons) in the Pistonrobot design as the primary motion creating structures because we wanted Pistonrobot to be a mimic of a human being in its motions and proportions.

Thus, to us, the name Pistonrobot seemed appropriate.

Here’s some fun stuff to watch, (our most recent work is first, then follows some robot stuff), we’ll tell you more about the website at the end of this Home Page.

Enjoy! Dr. Gray 🙂

We’re working now on the design of what we call a Heavy Lift Drone. This is a flying device that looks like a drone and can fly like a drone, except unlike what is mostly available now in drones (smaller size and payload), we are hoping this Heavy Lift Drone can lift up about 700lbs of payload and can fly around for 6-8 hours. We are designing it at present for a military function, but there could be civilian uses for a drone with these features. Enjoy! Dr. Gray

I realized that I had a discussion topic about a set of items that are designed to make it much easier and less expensive to create a Pistonrobot. I named these items the Simple Linear Actuator and the Sophisticated Linear Actuator. I discuss them both in more detail in YouTube videos that I created. I also gave them there own page here at the Pistonrobot website.

44mb mp4 video Thumbnail Sets-01-14-v1-using-camtasia

Click Here to watch: 44mb An mp4 video of Pistonrobot walking showing some slo-mo and close-ups, this video was created before the robot had arms and legs

Download Pistonrobot walking 44mb mp4 (663 downloads)

I made an mp4 video  showing internal and external rotation of the left arm. I made this video using stop motion techniques to create the video from still image renders from KeyShot v7.

The video below is an engine design that I created that uses fossil fuel to provide power to the Pistonrobot. This engine is designed to run and make essentially no noise. I think an engine that makes no noise is pretty cool, and is essential for any practical robot. I think there could be other uses for this engine, for example to supply power to drones, or to supply power to generators for applications where very quiet electric power generation is desired.

Download 53mb mp4 Video This is the Pistonrobot engine that runs with almost no sound (274 downloads)

We write about Pistonrobot and our other designs too using WordPress at this website.

We design 3D models of our designs using the program named Sketchup Pro.

We render our 3D models using the program named KeyShot.

We make mp4 movies about our design work using the program named Camtasia.

We also have a YouTube channel, the name of that channel is Patrick Gray.

This website has download links for many of the files that we used to make the content here. If you want to download the file, just click on the download link. We remind you that Sketchup Pro and KeyShot file types can only be opened by the programs that run them. So if you want to download and open these files, you will need a functioning copy of those programs running on your computer.

There’s a lot of content on this website just depending in any year what was the design concept that we were working on that year. Of course, we encourage you to navigate around inside the website and see what is there.

We’ll plan at present to put on this home page our most recent design work and we will keep on the Home Page a few of our favorite robot movies.

We try to have a separate subject area at the website for each of the topics that we are designing about. Sometimes it can take us a little while to get those sub-topic pages up and running properly. Sigh.. Welcome to all.