Free Downloads – KeyShot Package files not about Pistonrobot

Here’s some KeyShot package files on topics other than the Pistonrobot.

I did include the KeyShot package file to create the most impressive Ms Whimsy Bling. How could anyone not want to include her??

In addition to our good fortune that Whimsy agreed to be put here, I did also include some KeyShot type ksp files that I use to render out some of The Turning Prayer images, including Turning Prayer images of the box and the coins and the hands.

With each of these KeyShot package files, I have included an image that was generated by requesting KeyShot to render an image from that particular KeyShot file. I should note that, if one requests KeyShot to do so, that KeyShot can render really large files. In addition, KeyShot can render various types of image files, including PNG files. I like the PNG type of file, I think they look better when opened providing the file exists as a file present on the local computer’s hard drive and the computer has an imaging program that can open PNG files. I have found that WordPress does not really like to use PNG files for displaying images on webpages. My experience is that WordPress seems to prefer jpg files or small size png’s as the source for webpage images. So the images displayed here are of that type: jpg or small png. If you want to see the really big image files particularly images created from using large size png’s, then you will need to go to another area of the website. On this other area of the website, I have constructed the pages so that, for various images, the page shows a smaller web compatible version of the image, but that one can choose to download the bigger png type version of that image to your hard drive. Sigh. It just seems to work this way. Oh well.

This is the most recent version of this Coins in the Box KeyShot rendering. I finally got all the materials correct and then put the coins with the correct materials in the box and in the hands…whew!

Whimsy Bling a PopSocket available from

Here’s the package file that helped create Ms Whimsy Bling.

Download 3mb This is a KeyShot Package file named: colors correct fromSketchup v33 Whimsy Bling v12 (488 downloads)

01 Mod By Corel 160 Samples Bip 18 Coins In The Box Left Hand Red View Right Hand Gold View From Bip 16 Coin Turning Prayer 5th Stuff V23.8

Download 24mb This is a KeyShot Package file named: Bip27 cleaned up 18 coins in the box also left and right hand Turning Prayer 5th stuff v28 (496 downloads)

A big png file type version of this image (32mb png type file at 4500×5400 pixels) is available at this page of the website.

The Turning Prayer Coins in a wooden box showing the Gold side

The coins in a wooden box KeyShot package file for this image above is listed below

Download 30mb This is a KeyShot Package file named: shows gold side hands plus grass plus box plus 9 coins v20 (548 downloads)

The ksp file below is what one uses to render out the image of the 9 coins in a wooden box on a marble block.

31 Mod By Corel 140 Samples Wooden Box Plus Marble Plus From V18 Plus 9 Coins Plus The Word Pistonrobot V23.2

Download 8mb This is a KeyShot package file named: good box containing 9 good coins plus marble plus word pistonrobot only from v37 (484 downloads)