Free Downloads KeyShot package files – other Topics

Here’s some KeyShot package files on topics other than the Pistonrobot.

This ksp file is used to render out The Turning Prayer images of the box and the coins and the hands.

Here’s an image of this ksp file.

This is the most recent version of this Coins in the Box KeyShot rendering. I finally got all the materials correct and then put the coins with the correct materials in the box and in the hands…whew!



A big png file type version of this image (32mb png type file at 4500×5400 pixels) is available at this page of the website.

The Turning Prayer Coins in a wooden box showing the Gold side

The coins in a wooden box KeyShot package file for this image above is listed below

30 mb sp-118 KeyShot v8 package file Shows Gold Side Hands Plus Grass plus box plus 9 coins v20.ksp

The ksp file below is what one uses to render out the image of the 9 coins in a wooden box on a marble block.

8 mb sp-119 KeyShot v8 package file Wooden Box Plus Marble Plus from v18 Plus 9 Coins plus the word Pistonrobot v23_bip.ksp