Pistonrobot: Discussions Not About a Pistonrobot

I have pages here that are discussions of other topics that intrigue me.

I think they are really cool topics and they interest me just simply to imagine how things would be if the ideas in these topics were brought into existence.

Of course, I would like a budget to let me create everything I think of, but, alas, that special power is handed out very sparingly over the ages to a very few people.

But I would suggest, read the topics, if they grab a’hold of you and you start bringing them into reality….well…..  I’m with ya’    at least in spirit.

Forest Church – Pulling a church into Sketchup

/Amazonburgh….A virtual city

The Dear Dyson Letter

T Shirts as a Story


Introduction to Ice Cannon, Kidney Preservation, Concussion

Kidney Preservation


Ice Cannon

Christmas 2015 Holiday Fun – The Turning Prayer – Preghiera di Svolta

The Turning Prayer – Preghiera di Svolta – Construction Concepts

Proposed Pedestrian Bridge over the River Wear Durham, England