Pistonrobot: Discussions Not About a Pistonrobot

I have pages here that are discussions of other topics that intrigue me.

I think they are really cool topics and they interest me just simply to imagine how things would be if the ideas in these topics were brought into existence.

Of course, I would like a budget to let me create everything I think of, but, alas, that special power is handed out very sparingly over the ages to a very few people.

But I would suggest, read the topics, if they grab a’hold of you and you start bringing them into reality….well…..  I’m with ya’    at least in spirit.

Amazonburgh….A virtual city

The Dear Dyson Letter

T Shirts as a Story


Introduction to Ice Cannon, Kidney Preservation, Concussion

Kidney Preservation


Ice Cannon

Christmas 2015 Holiday Fun – The Turning Prayer – Preghiera di Svolta

The Turning Prayer – Preghiera di Svolta – Construction Concepts

Proposed Pedestrian Bridge over the River Wear Durham, England