For the Holidays – Turning Prayer – Preghiera di Svolta

Click on the link above for a bigger version of this image, if your browser will allow you can request to + the image after you download it to read the words.

The Scholar has weighed in on getting the Turning Prayer inserted into Italian thinking. The analysis from the Scholar is included below.

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Coins in the box also left and right hands Turning Prayer

There’s another page at the website where some of these Turning Prayer images can be downloaded in their original sizes. Here’s the page: You can scroll up and down this page to see files that can be downloaded. Each file has a jpg thumbnail next to it so you can see what it will look like.

I considered, “Is there a way to potentially increase exposure of the Turning Prayer inside of Italy?”

Here’s what I decided.  I went to Google Translate, and the English phrase “Turning Prayer” becomes (at least in the opinion of Google Translate): “trasformando la preghiera”.

trasformando la preghiera

So, I’ll put that phrase here and all I can do is just hope.

optimized for website 140 samples Using Good bip v28 Coins v35 bip of Right and Left Hand v35.3

Of interest, if you go to Google and type “Google Italy”, then you will be shown the web address of the “Google Italy” version of Google, and, if you want, you can click on that web address and (I think), you will be “seeing” what the Google main display is for the country of Italy.

I wish I knew that this was completely true, but its really only my understanding of what’s going on.

Anyway, this web site now contains the phrase “trasformando la preghiera” Maybe someone in Italy will type in that phrase just looking for something, and up will pop the Pistonrobot website with this “Christmas present page” displayed.

Well, problems

“trasformando la preghiera” when put into Google Translate and rendered back into English becomes “transforming prayer.” So much for my work in foreign languages. The real issue of the Turning Prayer is the concept that it turns in the sense that it can be turned inward toward the self or turned outward toward all of humanity.

Gold Side Label Image Magnifying Glass TShirt v7.181

Anyway, while transformation is a great concept, its not exactly the the word image that I want for the Turning Prayer. Back to Google Translate. Typing the English phrase “turning around” yields in Italian “girare attorno.”

If one adds prayer to this, to yield in Italian “girare attorno preghiera”, then Google Translate gives back in English, “turn around prayer” and I don’t mind that. It seems OK.

So, I think I will add “Girare Attorno Preghiera,” and, once again, “Hey, we’ll see.”

So we’ll see. At least the phrase is on the Internet somewhere, and it’s in Italian (at least in the Italian of Google Translate).

Ok, there is a Scholar that follows this website and the Scholar will occasionally send suggestions that help to keep the thinking clear and straightforward. Apparently, my attempt to convert the phrase “Turning Prayer” into a phrase that would work appropriately in Italy (e.g. a proper translation) is not quite correct.

So, here’s the Scholar Suggestions:

optimized for website 140 samples product lighting colors adjusted 3 coins together from v80 Sketchup Whole Coin as a group v8.63
As it turns out, the deliberate double meaning of the phrase “turning prayer” is a bit difficult to capture in Italian. “Girare” means something like “to spin, to gyrate.” “Girare attorno” means “to spin around, turn about,” in the way, for instance, that a wheel spins on an axis, or a donkey tied to millstone might walk in a circle around it.  Probably the closest verb to “to turn” in Italian is “voltare” (not to be confused with “volare,” meaning, “to fly”!), as in the English phrase, “volte-face,” meaning an abrupt 180 degree turn (and usually used metaphorically, e.g. of a politician). The noun form is “svolta,” meaning “turn, curve,” and by extension, “turning point” or “breakthrough.” This concept of “svolta” seems the best way to capture the double meaning of “turning” in this case, as both a physical turn or gyration, turning the coin from one side to the other, and a mental turn or conversion, as the inner focus of the person praying moves from the self to other people. In Italian, the use of a participle in this case (“turning”) would not be idiomatic; instead, the same effect of descriptive modification is achieved by a prepositional phrase: “di svolta” (in English, literally, “of turn”). So, after thinking through all these different nuances, it seems like the most suitable way to translate the phrase “turning prayer” in Italian would “preghiera di svolta.”
optimized for website 140 samples right hand from bip 25 with a good coin in it v36.1
So, there you go. The Scholar has spoken! I’ll now update the site, and, as again,   we’ll see.

This discussion includes comments about what this 3D printing is all about and the thinking behind why it has the parts that it has.

I created some T Shirts that contain some of the Turning Prayer images. These T Shirts are available via Amazon. Here’s the link at Amazon:

Here’s one of the Turning Prayer T Shirts at Amazon

Turning Prayer Sequence number 01TNavy Front
Turning Prayer Sequence number 01TNavy Back

A discussion where I limit myself to just discussing what I propose would be a reasonable approach to the mechanics of how to create this 3D printing are at this link:

Discussing the fabrication sequence to make the Turning Prayer printing

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I have a memory of a version of the Pater Noster and my memory is that this version that I remember is a version described by the psychic healer Edgar Cayce. My memory is that Edgar Cayce offered this version as another way that one could contemplate and consider the thoughts and meanings contained in the Pater Noster. But I have tried and tried and I cannot get the searching systems of the internet to find this version. I am pretty confident that I did not create this version, but that I read it. It is always a surprise to me how the edges and solidity of memories just seem to slip as time passes by.

Anyway, I plan a medallion or coin with this Pater Noster on it at some point in the future. I guess this medallion would be a complementary item to go along with the Turning Prayer medallion.  These two medallions are sort of connected to each other. I thought people may enjoy to read the words of this new medallion. I note, this medallion contains a variation on the words of the listed and accepted Pater Noster.  I understand that this variation is not the accepted version and I am not offering it as “better” or as a “substitution.” I feel it just has a nice lyrical quality, nice imagery, and flows well. Enjoy

Our Father who art in heaven

May Your Name be kept Holy

May Your Kingdom come

May Your Will be done

On Earth, as it is in Heaven

Give us today the food we need

And forgive us our wrongdoings

As we forgive the wrongdoings of other against us

And let us not be led into temptation

But deliver us from the evil One

So that above would be one side of this new medallion and the below would be the other side:

This I ask in, and through, and by means of, and

In reference to, and through, and in

The Name, and The Person, and The Body, and The Soul

of Jesus Christ, The Lord

And I say that it’s true, and it’s true that I believe, and

I believe in that

There is a Living, Eternal, and only God of

Heaven, and the Earth, and the Universe

And I say that it’s true, and it’s true that I believe, and

I believe in that

Jesus Christ is the Lord and

He is the Son of the Living, Eternal and only God of

Heaven and Earth and the Universe.

So there’s the medallion words, I do not have the imagery all worked out as yet. One step at a time.

A page that includes videos that describe how the Turning Prayer 3D printing is put together.

Videos about the Turning Prayer 3D printing

optimized for website 140 samples Closeup of Left Hand and Coin Shows Gold Side only v40.1

I took some time off at the end of the year to work on a project for the Holidays. It is mostly a work involving 3D printing. There are letters of gold that are 3D printed onto the flat surface of an optically transparent sapphire crystal. The original shape of the sapphire crystal is that it is circular in shape (35mm diameter) about 2mm thick, one of its sides is slightly convex and the opposite side is flat. The flat side is modified so that there are depressions pressed into this side of the sapphire crystal where these depressions are in the shape of letters. A 3D printing process is used to 3D print gold into these depressions in the sapphire crystal with a result that the letters in gold do not sit on the surface of the sapphire crystal but instead are embedded into the crystal so that they sit flush with the flat side of the crystal. The gold cross exists in the same manner, again it is 3D printed into an appropriately sized and shaped depression in the sapphire crystal face. This 3D printing (I worried about what to call this, I could call it a medal, but its not really a medal because no official organization has created it and sanctioned it. I could call it an “it”, but that seems so cold and unfeeling. I could call it an object, but again, that’s a pretty cold way to refer to it. I feel, hey, if someone takes paint, brushes, and canvas and creates a painting, then its called a painting, so I felt, why not just call this a “printing”, so there you have it).

This is a printing for the Holidays, specifically Christmas and what Christmas refers to in the Christian tradition, and it helps to add some background to what is the attempt here with this printing. I will say, this is something I am working on for the Holidays and it is supposed to be happy and joyous and not make anyone feel bad. So, if religious discussions are upsetting to you, then I would just say, stay away from this area of the website, I’ll be back to robots soon enough.

The printing concerns prayer and the power and majesty of prayer both in the sense that prayer is a place where us relatively small effect humans here in our little corner of the Universe can connect ourselves to the greatest powers and influences that exist in the Universe, and in the sense that we can send out prayer (like a type of outgoing energy) and the answered prayers do come back with an effect and a result (like a type of incoming energy).

So, it seemed reasonable to surround the gold cross with some color to try to symbolize energy moving both outward from  and backward toward the source of the prayer.

The source of the color is from powdered sapphire of the color that is desired. The original concept of this printing was that the crystal itself could be 3D printed, after all, sapphire is just a crystal version of Aluminum Oxide. Well, as I looked into sapphire as a lens, and these kinds of lenses of sapphire (optically clear sapphire lenses in the visible light spectrum wavelengths) are a common robust and well established use for sapphire, of course, industrially grown synthetic sapphire, no one uses natural sapphire gemstones to make lenses, no way).

It was not that clear to me if 3D laser heating of Aluminum Oxide powder would create an optically transparent material or not, so I suggest to just use the industrial sapphire optically clear lenses that already available and modify them for this printing. The big problem is creating the depressions in the sapphire where the gold letters, the gold cross, and the sapphire powder with color will reside. I realized that one could 3D print the letters, and the cross, and the shape of the area with color onto a die and then press the die into the flat back of the sapphire optically clear lens. The lens would need to be at a temperature very close to the melting point of sapphire, but bringing an object to these levels of temperature is doable.

The die needs to be created with boron nitride because boron nitride in a noble gas environment will not stick to or become attached to soft or molten ceramics or glasses, and the sapphire lens hot enough for shapes to be impressed into the sapphire with a die is essentially a nearly molten ceramic. But 3D printing with boron nitride is described, even direct metal laser printing with boron nitride.

So we heat the sapphire lens almost to melting, and use the boron nitride die to impress the letters, and the shape of the cross, and the shape of the area of color onto the flat side of the lens. We let the lens cool, then we find (again an industrially created synthetic) sapphire of the appropriate color, and grind that sapphire into a powder of sapphire of the color desired, then we 3D print that sapphire powder into the shape that is in the lens for the area of color. Then we let it cool some more, and we 3D print the gold cross and the gold letters into their respective depressions on the sapphire lens.

Now we need a support structure for the whole printing so that it has enough strength to exist and not deform its shape under normal wear and tear. This is done with a central supporting circular shape made of tungsten, it will be about 35mm diameter and 0.4mm thick. Onto this we 3D print a coating of pure platinum and then laser polish the platinum down to the 0-1 micron level so that the platinum has a “mirror finish”.

Because this printing involves prayer and the Holidays and the power and majesty of the concept of communication with and from the Divine, we want this printing to be beautiful, precious, and filled with objects of respect and beauty. So we wanted to limit our materials to those that are precious and beautiful (sapphire, gold, platinum) and it seems that we need to add some gemstones because gemstones fulfill all these criteria above and have been used by humans for this purpose for as long as humans have created sacred art.

Obtaining the gemstones is not that difficult. They are only 2mm in diameter in order for their size to be appropriate for the overall dimensions of the printing. The problem is structuring the printing so that there is a possible, and beautiful, and appropriate space in the printing where the gemstones can be placed.

The method is to leave circular openings in the tungsten central core large enough for the gemstones. In addition, we leave openings in the platinum and the sapphire area of color, all of these openings being large enough that the gemstones fit into these openings with a little room to spare. The boron nitride die has concavities in it and pillars arising out of it that the almost liquid material of the heated sapphire lens will flow into and around. These concavities have central pillars that stop the flow of the sapphire lens material so that the end result is that there are cylinders of sapphire in place for the gemstones.

These cylinders have two ends and these ends are not the same shape. One end bulges out and is as wide as the diameter of the cylinder, the thick rounded end of the gemstone will protrude into this part of the sapphire cylinder. The other end of the sapphire cylinder has a tapered cup like shape and the pointed end of the gemstone will rest in this cup. It is important to note that the sapphire cylinders are created to be just a bit bigger than the gemstones so that the gemstones can move around and rotate in these sapphire cylinders.

This very particular sizing and shaping of the sapphire lens cylinders that hold the gemstones is done because its really cool that the gemstones are not locked into place. This would mean that each time the person took this printing out of its location in a pants pocket, and as the person moved the printing around, the person would know that the gemstones have moved and are moving so that the printing is changing, that the printing is always just slightly different. I think that’s a cool effect.

Now we need to discuss the prayer of the printing. I call it a turning prayer because it is one of a special class of prayers. The turning prayers can be imagined as though their purpose and effect can be turned. In one version of the prayer, the effect and purpose, and request is directed inward very specifically toward and for the person reciting this version of the prayer. When the prayer is turned and the other version is recited, then essentially the exact same purpose and effect are requested, except they are pointed outward away from the person reciting the prayer, and the good, perfect, and beneficial energy transfers of the prayer instead of being directed inward toward the person reciting the prayer are instead directed outward toward all the persons of the Universe and to all of the Universe. And of course, the words and structure of the two versions of a turning prayer are held in a form where there is a lot of symmetry and parallelism between the two versions of the turning prayer.

Ok, so the inward energy focus and transfer is to the person of the prayer, and the person is human, and real, and takes in food and creates chemical energy and heat and is “of the Earth”. So that side of the turning prayer should be of the human condition, and that’s why I have the red rubies emphasized on that side of the printing, and why the color there is a red or pink form of sapphire.

The other side of the turning prayer is directed to the Universe, all the people and beings and power and energies that comprise and describe an entire Universe. So, a lot of power and effect and energy there. This side of the printing uses diamonds and their white energy reflections and the golden yellow color area to emphasize the “large energy” “large effect” “large audience” characteristics of that side of the turning prayer.

I’ve also attached the Sketchup drawing file that shows this printing (at least I hope I did, sometimes this computer stuff just beats me up). So you can download the Sketchup drawing file and open it in Sketchup to look around in this printing.

Please note, that I added a faint amount of bluish color with a very low opacity value to the lens area of the 3D drawing file of the printing so that one can “see” where the sapphire lenses are. The effect of this is to “wash out” some of the colors and to sort of diminish the effect of the printing at least with respect to its visual presentation. In the real printing, these sapphire lenses will be colorless and optically transparent to visible light wavelengths so that there should not be any decrement to the visible presentation of the actual physically real printing.

optimized for website this is just the gold coin only v22.360

The image below shows the two sides of the printing in the same image, the real printing would just be one object with one side showing a cross with the yellow energy flare and letters of the outward going version of the turning prayer and the other side of the coin shows a cross with the reddish energy flare and the letters of the inward directed version of the turning prayer.

I think some of the more technical readers might be saying, “How exactly is this printing put together?”  Again, you’ll be much better off if you look at it in Sketchup and pull the parts away from each other. There is a central disk of tungsten that the platinum is layered onto. There is a separate surrounding disk of tungsten that makes up the circular outer edge of the printing. It should be clear that the various circular parts of the printing cannot be made simultaneously. They need to be made one disc at a time and then the whole printing is put together.

However, these discs must be placed inside the outer tungsten ring. So the sequence of discs would be as follows (if one starts at the side where the rubies point out and the color area is pink). First there is the sapphire lens that has embedded or 3D printed into this lens the letters, the cross, and the color area. This sapphire lens has the rubies set into cylindrical openings in the lens that allow the rubies to be present, and these openings in the lens are large enough that the large end of the rubies point up into this lens. This lens, with its embedded gold and color layer parts, and the rubies is then held and the diamonds are inserted into their cylindrical openings in this lens. Now these cylindrical openings for the diamonds have a small cup-like structure at their base and (for each diamond) the small pointed end of the diamond rests inside this cup.

letters inside cross red side v24.365

Then this lens,  with its embedded parts and gemstones is held against the platinum surface of one side of the tungsten disc that was coated with platinum. On the other side is an exact set of items except its the lens with the golden letters, and the golden cross, and the yellow color layer (notice that the words embedded into one lens are not exactly the same as the words embedded in the other lens – this is the turning prayer effect).

There is no need to add gemstones to this lens because they are already added to the other lens. It should be noted that on this side, since the diamonds point out, then the cylindrical lens openings on this yellow color layer side would have larger openings for the larger end of the diamonds, and the openings for the rubies would have the cup like structures in them to hold the pointed small ends of the rubies.

So you see the two sapphire lenses complement each other with respect to how they hold the gemstones, and the orientation of the gemstones complements the sentiments of the prayers present, with the diamonds emphasizing the “energy from me out to the Universe” side

and the rubies emphasizing the

“energy from the Universe in to me” side


letters inside cross gold side v26.374

This  whole set of disc like structures consisting of:

lens-platinum-tungsten-platinum-lens with gems inserted is a round disc set, 35mm in diameter, and about 2 mm thick.

So this whole disc set is placed inside the tungsten circular rim structure. This rim structure is about 5mm thick, it is a little larger than 35mm diameter on its inside diameter, and its outside diameter is 43mm.

Set into a groove in the inside diameter of this tungsten rim is a filling of platinum that is placed there via 3D printing techniques. The net result is that the platinum of the disc set is very close to touching the platinum of the groove of the tungsten rim.

cross red side letters only v26.372

And using the laser capability of the 3D printing systems, this

platinum(disc side) – platinum (rim side) junction area is laser microscopically heated to the melting point of platinum and the two platinum areas flow together and become one combined platinum structure. (Platinum welding….cool or what?)

And this micro laser melting together of the platinum layer of the discs to the platinum layer of the tungsten rim groove holds everything together.  If you look up the tensile strength of platinum this bonding is plenty strong unless someone wants to take a hammer to the printing.

And I’ll send the Sketchup file to the 3D Warehouse where it may be easier to download it. I should note, its not quite finished yet. I need to see how exactly the 3D printer laser micro melting welding of the platinum will also be sure it will capture the lenses. And we don’t have a physics problem because the tungsten has a higher melting temperature than the platinum, as does the sapphire lens material, and while the golden letters would melt if exposed to molten platinum, these golden letters are far enough away from the rim of the disc that under a laser micro welding technique, the golden letters, even the ones going around the periphery should not be raised to a temperature that would melt gold.  pg

Turning Prayer turned in 6 deg each v192

Sketchup 2016 skp file Turning Prayer v192

I thought I better lay out this printing with all its layers separated so that everyone can see how it goes together. I’ve also set here a copy of the Sketchup drawing file of this detailed view.

Turning Prayer Words In The Cross
Turning Prayer Words In The Cross

Sketchup Drawing file Turning Prayer separated layers v241