Forest Church

They asked me if I could pull a Forest Church into Sketchup. I am working on it. I sent some of the image to the Trimble Sketchup Warehouse, but they only allow 50 mb or smaller Sketchup drawing files. The Church right now is about 84 mb, so I uploaded that Sketchup skp file to this website where people can download it from here if they want to see the big version. Enjoy.

Download 83mb Forest Church Red Door side v188 Sketchup drawing file (4 downloads)

I had to do something to keep the Sketchup drawing files from getting so big because my computer can’t work quickly with giant files. So I decided the Church has 2 ends, which named the Steeple end of the Church and the non-Steeple end of the Church. The Church has 2 sides, one side has a red door, the other side has a doorway that has been bricked closed. So I named one side the red door side of the Church and the other side is named not the red door side of the Church. (sigh).

I did pull out some preliminary areas of the Sketchup version of the Church into KeyShot and rendered them, I thought the renderings were pretty.

Well, I’ve finally gotten the doorway in that is the main entrance doorway for the church. I’m working to get the stones in place around this doorway. Here’s the image from it so far:

110 Samples From Sketchup V229 Red Door Side Of The Church V13.133

Here’s the Sketchup file that I used to create the image above, the image above was rendered using KeyShot from the Sketchup file. Download Sketchup drawing file v229 adding the main door to the Forest Church 84mb (1 download)

140 Samples Brick Sample V1.112

From 55 Church Foundation Leveled And Terrain Map V3.122

30 Samples Church Window Finial V1.33

120 Samples From V71 Line Up Windows View Church Foundation Leveled And Terrain Map V8.41