Heavy Lift Drone

It is interesting to me as one “wanders around” on the Internet there’s lots of images and stories about drones. But most of the time, those drones are not very big. That intrigues me.

I guess its possible that BIG Drones aren’t discussed much because they are going to be expensive. Most of the general population will not be able to purchase big drones. That is a great reason why they aren’t discussed or shown much on the Internet.

I just wonder, however, could it be that big drones aren’t on the Internet that much because it has not been fully worked out how to make them?

It seems that big problems with big drones include:

1) aerodynamically – just how does one get that big drone so that it can get its own (large) weight into the air via purely vertical flight?

2) aerodynamically – how does one address that, in addition to 1) above, the drone will also be lifting and carrying a large payload?

3) thermodynamics – providing one figures out how to get all that weight up into the air, just what kind of power source will allow this big, heavy drone to make its vertical ascent and then fly around for a usefully large time interval?

I decided to create a set of designs about a big drone.

I decided to give my design the name: Heavy Lift Drone.

It is reasonable that a Heavy Lift Drone could be used in a United States military setting and, if the drone could lift enough payload weight and if it could stay aloft for long enough intervals, then this Heavy Lift Drone clearly could help to decrease injuries to U. S. service personnel.

Earlier, I went to the end of this Heavy Lift Drone issue and wrote a story about a set of Heavy Lift Drones and how they could help U.S. Service personnel. At that time, I just wanted to explore some ways that Heavy Lift Drones could have a useful military purpose. That story was more focused on how the Heavy Lift Drones could be helpful and I didn’t include much concerning specifics on how such Heavy Lift Drones could be fabricated so that they really could provide the capabilities discussed in the story. Here’s the webpage where I sent this story, I named the Heavy Lift Drones – The Four Superheroes.

The Flying Machine – The Four Superheroes

I think I now have a design for a Heavy Lift Drone that might really work from a math, science, aerodynamics, structural, thermodynamics set of viewpoints.

I think I will discuss the design by breaking it down into subsections. I plan to use Camtasia to discuss these subsections, then make YouTube videos and send them one by one as I make them up to my YouTube channel. The name of my YouTube channel is: Patrick Gray.

Here’s a listing of some of the subsections that I plan to create videos for:

  1. Introduction
  2. Propeller
  3. Power – Creation, Transmission, Modulation
  4. Landing Gear
  5. Structural Considerations
  6. ? Add-ons, including potential weapons
  7. Fixed Wing Flying
  8. Integration into Military Activities
  9. I am considering to create some fictional stories about the Heavy Lift Drone just to show how I understand that Heavy Lift Drones could be useful to the military.

So far, I have created two YouTube videos, they are Introductory Videos. I’m thinking I will add the DISCLAIMER video sequence to the front of each of my YouTube videos about the Heavy Lift Drone, and I will add the Very Brief Introduction sequence to the end of each YouTube video. It seems to me this will make it so that any of the various Heavy Lift Drone YouTube videos could stand by itself and keep people from getting confused if they just “stumbled across” one of the YouTube videos and they were wondering, “Well… what is this all about?”