I sent this off to Segway, if you like the idea of the Segdogway, well….
send a note to Segway
and tell them you’d love for them to make Segdogway
I know someone who injured their shoulder and needed reconstruction with metal implants. This person is a dog owner and cannot really walk his dog anymore because if the dog happened to “bolt” and jerked his shoulder, it could ruin his now $25,000 shoulder. I know many women with children who really want to walk the dog and the stroller and the little ones on their training bikes. Again, the dog part is basically unworkable because its just too much to try to “fight” a dog on a leash, on the side of even a residential road and keep up with kids. SO… I wish to propose a new product, its name would not be Segway it would be Segdogway. The vertical control column of a normal Segway would be removed and a motorized leash retractor would be placed in the center of the Segdogway. The Segdogway would have enough room and strength of locomotion and structural support so that the weights of weight lifting could be added to the Segdogway as needed to make the Segdogway have enough mass and “heft” that it would be able to control and hold a dog, even a rather big dog, if enough weights were added. I would make a “belt” that the owner would wear when using the Segdogway. The belt would have a 60 gighertz transceiver mounted in the front of the belt and another transceiver mounted in the back of the belt. By letting the Segdogway communicate with these two belt mounted transceivers, using distance measuring and trigonometry, the Segdogway could position itself so that it was always about 3-4 feet behind the person wearing the belt, and the Segdogway would move along at the same pace as the person wearing the belt. The Segdogway would have visual and audio sensors and an Artificial Intelligence type processing capacity, so that if a car was approaching, the Segdogway would “reel in the dog leash” and get the dog out of the road. It would also reel in the dog if any persons or animals came close to the Segdogway. I would also reel in the dog if it sensed that the dog was barking or engaging in pulling too much on the Segdogway. The net effect is my friend with the $25,000 shoulder could “hook” his dog onto his Segdogway and finally finally be able to take a “jog” or a “run” with his very good friend, his dog. And the dog wouldn’t be in any danger and so also would my friend not be worrying about “ripping his shoulder apart”, and finally of finallys… the family could all “gang” together and go for a group walk in the neighborhood with their best friend, their dog, without that walk turning into a mess….  Anyway, I do have a website where I talk about all sorts of stuff that I would like to see developed (, and a bunch of people have told me, “that Segdogway is the neatest idea you’ve ever come up with…”
I will say, I don’t have a very big budget, and Segway has my permission to just make Segdogway.  I did get accepted by Amazon as an Amazon Merch T Shirt designer, and I sure would like to Segway to give me permission to submit a design to Amazon Merch for a T Shirt that would simply have an image of a regular Segway and the word “Segway” on the front of the T Shirt and the word “Segdogway” and an image of the Segdogway leashed up to a dog on the back of the T Shirt. I would create a drawing of a Segway and a Segdogway in a 3D drawing program, then send the 3D drawings to a rendering program to create 2D images of Segway and Segdogway, and then upload the 2D images to Amazon Merch where they’ll be printed onto an Amazon Merch T Shirt.
Thanks again.  pg