Free Downloads – Turning Prayer Related Images (Large PNG image files)

I decided one year around Christmas time that I would use my 3D drawing program to create a “Christmas Present.” This would be a jewelry item mostly existing just to be a small object that is beautiful to contemplate and is appropriate for the Christmas season. My major objective was for it to be beautiful and respectful of its subject, so I designed it to be made completely of valuable jewelry items and materials.

I did make the underlying support metal of it to be tungsten because one does need something in the item to be strong enough to keep the item from distorting or bending as people hold it. Tungsten has that kind of strength and also has a density very close to gold, so the item will “feel” as though it is solid gold and I wish it was solid gold, but gold is too soft and malleable to be the underlying strength material of any large jewelry object if people are going to handle the object and carry it around with them in their pocket. Oh well.

It is my opinion that, at present, the 3D jewelry powder metal printing processes cannot make this object as I have designed it at a cost where any normal person could purchase it. I think I am just going to have to wait until the jewelry 3D powder metal printing folks figure out that the general public would love to have small, inscribed, beautiful, sparkling jewelry objects that exist just be objects of beauty.

So with that price issue in mind, I realized I needed to just create this jewelry object as a 3D drawing file and then spend time to render it out in images that I tried to make as beautiful as I could. Right now, all one can get is the images, but someday someone may put together the technology to actually create this Christmas Present. We’ll see.

I discovered as a surprise to me that one feature of high quality 3D drawing programs which is that they create files from which images can be rendered. I thought that was so cool! One can create essentially “photos” or “images” of the items in a 3D drawing file. In addition, the high quality 3D drawing programs create files that can be uploaded into high quality rendering programs (the rendering program that I use is named KeyShot) and then truly beautiful images can be created by the rendering programs.

I thought that was just fun and visually entertaining. I discovered that one can just view the images in their own right. This was just the enjoyment of looking at visually interesting, beautiful, stunning images. Again, this was a big surprise to me. It comes close to being a process like the creation of art. Whoa!!

As I created and worked with these images it became clear that if one was working with images for the sole purpose of just enjoying the process of contemplating the image, that optically high quality images must be what one wants to create. As you know, because of data transmission issues with websites, the websites are always pushing toward small, optically lower quality images. I’m not complaining, this allows the internet to work.

I did discover however, if one creates images of very high optical quality, that these image files are large files in the range of 30-80 mb and (at least to me) it seemed that certain types of image presentation file types made for prettier images that other types. In fact, I think the PNG type file makes the nicest looking images, just using the criteria of being optically fun to look at.

In what was another surprise to me, I discovered that the internet, at least WordPress does not seem to “like” png file types very much. Particularly large size png’s. Again, I’m not complaining, it is just what I’ve found to be how the internet works.

So, considering all these issues about optically high quality images that I discuss above, I decided to upload large size PNG files to the website and then make them available for download. My suggestion is not to try opening these large size PNG files with your web-browser because it will take a long time to open them and frequently your web-browser will decide that it just isn’t going to open these files. The process I am suggesting instead is that you download these large size PNG files to your local hard drive and then open them with an image processing program that you have on your local computer.

I decided that to allow this to work reasonably, that I would create a smaller jpg or small png version of these images and let them display on the webpage and your web-browser should be able to open and display these smaller size versions of the image. Then, as you look at the image, if you find that you have the curiosity to view an optically very high quality version of a particular image, then you can click the spot to let the website download to you the large size PNG file of the image.

Ill put a few images of the Turning Prayer jewelry item below. It takes a while to get all this on the webpage correctly, so I plan to add some more, but one step at a time. pg

08 8 Min Render Hands Right And Left Showing The Back Of The Box V33 402

I thought I would put the Turning Prayer coins in a little wooden box.

Download 55mb This is a PNG file named: 08 8-min-render-hands-right-and-left-showing-the-back-of-the-box-v33.402.png (373 downloads)

01 160 Samples Bip 18 Coins In The Box Left Hand Red View Right Hand Gold View From Bip 16 Coin Turning Prayer 5th Stuff V23 8

Well, here they are, one side of each Turning Prayer coin is gold, show off diamonds, and has a prayer inscribed on it, the other side is red, shows off rubies, and there’s a prayer inscribed there too.

Download 38mb This is a PNG file named: 01 160-samples-bip-18-coins-in-the-box-left-hand-red-view-right-hand-gold-view-from-bip-16-coin-turning-prayer-5th-stuff-v23.8.png (438 downloads)

18 140 Samples Closeup Of Left Hand And Coin Shows Gold Side Only V40 1

Here’s a close up of the golden side of the Turning Prayer

Download 34mb This is a PNG file named: 18 140-samples-closeup-of-left-hand-and-coin-shows-gold-side-only-v40.1.png (469 downloads)

24 Closeup Red Side Of Coin From Hands Plus Grass 9 Coins Bip V21 244

Here’s a close up of the ruby red heart light side of the Turning Prayer coin

Download 17mb This is a PNG file named: 24 closeup-red-side-of-coin-from-hands-plus-grass-9-coins-bip-v21.244.png (444 downloads)