Pistonrobot updates as of 01-16-2016

My design team has persistently reminded me that my concept of introducing a robot without any videos of the robot actually moving is almost a hopeless plan.

It seems to me that if I had the high quality pictures, then people could pretty easily “see” how the robot would move.

As I am sure you can imagine, the design team has never “bought” this approach.

Anyway, Hey, its a New Year, so OK, I decided to see if some motion could be put in place. With respect to Sketchup, the Regular Polygon extension does really pretty animations. Unfortunately, I have only been able to understand Regular Polygon for very simple structures. The robot has one pelvis, two legs, and about 9 hydraulic cylinders for each leg. That is way beyond simple. I feel somehow I can get Regular Polygon to work, but not yet.


KeyShot rendering 22-Robots-from-v350-long-floor-v5.24.jpg
KeyShot rendering 22-Robots-from-v350-long-floor-v5.24.jpg

Here’s a low res KeyShot based mp4 that I put together with Camtasia


Here’s a higher res version, I am still working out how to make these higher res stop motion movies. I’m creating the picture sets in KeyShot, then stitching them together initially to make a video in Corel VideoStudio, then I am using Camtasia to “tune it up”, final details still in progress.

Below is the YouTube link for this video:

Pistonrobot Walking KeyShot v11 series


I was able to do a work-around to show motion and its on the page named Little Robot Claymation Adventures.

Little Robot Claymation Adventures