Educational Videos – Little Robot Video 1

We are adding our educational videos here. They are a set of videos that show how to use the 3D drawing program named SketchUP to create pistonrobots. We created these videos with the program Camtasia 8. These videos are deliberately created to run so that they slowly demonstrate the actions that will allow a 3D drawing program to create a pistonrobot.

We chose to make the pace of creation in these videos to be slow so that even people with no experience with 3D drawing programs could “see” how to make pistonrobots. If these videos show their concepts too slowly for those of you already conversant with 3D drawing software, then just zip through them by pushing the video control slider in your video player program.

We set these videos so that each video is about 5 minutes long.  You are welcome to download them to your computer and view them with a media player that can play mp4 type videos. These educational videos are also available to view on YouTube, under the name:

Pistonrobot Little Robot Part xx, where xx is the number of the video.

Currently, we have 27 videos and these get the Little Robot up to a place where it looks pretty cool. We’re uploading them as we can to this area of the website.

We also plan to upload videos where we try to demonstrate the use of “artistic thinking” to add changes to the Little Robot to make it more visually pleasing and to have structures that have proportions more like those of the human form.

Stay tuned !

This video (type=mp4 size=25.5mb) is titled:
Pistonrobot Little Robot Part 1, it is also available on YouTube by the same name

The rest of the Little Robot Educational Videos are on the pages named: