Texture Image Files For fbx Imports Are Located Here

For fbx file imports are located on this page

This page contains groups of image files. These image files serve as texture file references for programs to use *.fbx files to create 3D drawing images. For any particular fbx file, in order for a drawing program to create a proper 3D drawing from this fbx file, the drawing program will need the fbx file and it will need to be able to access a folder that contains the texture related image files for this particular fbx file.

I have placed here sets of image files, these files are the texture files for different fbx files. Once you have downloaded the fbx file, then when you arrive at this page, go to the image set associated with that fbx file and one by one select, copy, and paste each image file from this website to a folder on your local hard drive. When your 3D drawing program is creating a 3D drawing from an fbx file, your 3D drawing program will ask where is the folder where the texture files for this drawing are located, and you need to tell your 3D program to go to the folder where you have downloaded these texture files.

I wish it were less complicated, there are compilation programs that hold both the fbx file and its associated texture image files all in one place, but these compilation programs are expensive and frequently only work for one 3D program and are not interchangeable between 3D drawing programs, so I set this *.fbx process to work as I have described it above instead of trying to use compilation programs and files.

I will use the format of placing an image of a 3D drawing that has an fbx download file available here on this website and next to that image I will place a link that gives the texture image files that are associated with that particular fbx file.

Here’s the texture files for the fbx file for this image.

This Shows a Pistonrobot Going from Standing Up to a Deep Knee Bend then Back to Standing Up

Here’s the texture files for the fbx file for this image.

The Sophisticated Linear Actuator: It Changes the Pistonrobot from Hydraulic to Electric

Here’s the texture files for the fbx file for this image.